Blue Meridian

Music to warm the cockles of the heart

Liner Notes by Marga Hofmeyr, owner of The Diplomat, Pretoria, South Africa

Guests at The Diplomat were warmed on a winter's evening in July by a log fire, Glühwein and Thomas Schliwka's performance of ‘cosmocultural' or ‘bossapolitan' guitar music. Thomas is a musician of passion. Professionally he is a talented geophysicist and spends most of his time working in Moscow and Germany.

He studied jazz stylistics Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Iquitos, Valparaiso, Quito and Havana. This mix of influences can be experienced in his very unique sound. His music can be compared with a precious red wine, mysterious, mature, memorable, with several nuances of expressions and emotions that speak to the heart and lingers on in the mind for a long time.

"Nothing more beautiful than the sound of a guitar – except the sound of two guitars!"

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